Kristin Rivas | Owner & Art Director

Owner and Art Director Kristin Rivas infuses her leadership with both expertise and passion. With a wealth of experience and a refined education in the fine art realm, she has adeptly steered countless clients towards acquiring exquisite artworks. For over a decade, she has curated the artistic landscape of Dallas, TX, through her stewardship of Samuel Lynne Galleries, before embarking on her own venture with the creation of Hollman Miller Gallery. Kristin's unwavering dedication and profound devotion serve as a beacon of inspiration for our entire team.

Blaine Thew | Gallery Manager & Art Constulant 

Blaine Thew cultivates a warm and inviting atmosphere here at Hollman Miller, guaranteeing that every visitor feels welcomed while exploring the gallery's exquisite Fine Art Collection. Serving as a guiding force, Blaine takes charge of diverse responsibilities, from fostering meaningful client connections, to curating the gallery space, ensuring each artwork receives the spotlight it deserves. Beyond the gallery, Blaine frequently retreats to her studio, where she hones her craft with metal or finds solace in the breathtaking natural landscape of Montana.

Luke Comstock | Art Constulant

Luke Comstock seamlessly melds his profound understanding of Art History with his BFA in design, thereby enriching our team with a wealth of expertise. Leveraging his artistic background, Luke, meticulously crafts true-to-scale renderings for our clients, providing them with a vivid preview of how the artwork will harmonize within their space. Beyond the gallery's walls, Luke channels his boundless passion for creativity across diverse mediums, currently delving into the realms of traditional printmaking and digital illustration.



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