H O L L M A N   M I L L E R   G A L L E R Y 

Hollman Miller Gallery opened in May of 2022 in Whitefish, Montana. We are honored to have the opportunity to place art in beautiful homes around the world. Whether we are working with private collectors directly, or in partnership with their trusted Interior designers, our goal is to curate a collection that is unique to the space and expresses our clients' personal taste.

A R T   A D V I S O R Y  A N D  C O N S U L T A T I O N 

Hollman Miller Gallery works closely with private and public collectors to provide art advisory and consultation services. Channeling our many years of combined experience in the field, we assist each client in developing a collecting program that is specially tailored to meet their needs. We provide multiple options and ideas based on in-person gallery consultations, site visits, and trial deliveries upon request. We aim to connect you with art you love that both stands as a good investment and which you will appreciate for years to come.

A R T  I N S T A L L A T I O N  A N D  P L A C E M E N T

Here at Hollman Miller Gallery, We aim to pair our clients with dynamic works of art that not only speak directly to their goals as collectors but also fit seamlessly into each appointed space in terms of both scale and overall design. Our full range of services includes installation and delivery, as well as personal on-site art consultation from our dedicated team members. 



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