Hollman Miller Gallery opened in May of 2022 in Whitefish, Montana. We are honored to have the opportunity to place art in beautiful homes around the world. Whether collaborating directly with private collectors or partnering with their esteemed interior designers, our mission is to curate a collection that transcends spaces, reflecting our client's personal taste.

Art Advisory & Consultation

Hollman Miller Gallery works closely with private and public collectors to provide art advisory and consultation services. With a wealth of combined experience, we collaborate closely with each client too curate a personalized collection that perfectly aligns with their unique vision.


Through in-person gallery consultations, site visits, and trail deliveries (available upon request), we provide multiple options and ideas that resonates with your goals as a collector. 


Our mission is to connect you with art that speaks to your heart, holds investment value, and continues to capture your attention for generations to come.

Art Installation and Placement

At Hollman Miller Gallery, we are dedicated to connecting our valued clients with mesmerizing artworks that not only align with their vision's but also seamlessly harmonize with their designated spaces. We meticulously consider scale and overall design, ensuring each piece transforms into a captivating masterpiece that perfectly complements its surroundings.


From start to finish, we offer an all-encompassing range of services, including expert installation and seamless delivery. Additionally, our dedicated team members provide personalized on-site art consultation, guiding you through the process with passion and expertise. 



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